“Over seven years I have received acupuncture treatment from Julia and have found it extremely beneficial. An extremely painful knee, causing me to limp, improved greatly with treatment, enabling me to walk comfortably. I continue to visit Julia every six to eight weeks for a booster for my general health. I very much appreciate how she has helped me in this.”

Mrs V. Ford, age 79 from E.Sussex.

“Received treatments for the past four years for extremely painful bladder/urethral problems which at times are difficult to manage. Extremely beneficial both in reducing pain and helping emotionally to deal with chronic pain that has been present for eleven years plus. Visits were weekly to start with but now are every three weeks on average. Treatments have also been beneficial for reducing post carpal tunnel operation and reducing allergy symptoms.”

Mrs T, age 53, Sussex.

“I had a course of FRA last year and have since followed it up with a top-up every couple of months. Friends have commented and I have noticed myself how much brighter and less tired my face appears. One friend said how luminous my face looked not knowing that I had FRA treatments. The treatment itself finishes with a facial massage and I have to say how surprisingly relaxing I find the whole process. An added bonus is Julia’s knowledge on health issues – I have received valued advice from her.”

Lilian aged 62 from Hastings.

“I have had a tremendous improvement in my quality of life since having acupuncture with Julia. It has given me a wide range of benefits, principally relief of pain from osteoarthritis and bursitis, but also it has improved my sleep pattern and other bodily functions, as her approach is an holistic one. I find Julia to be a warm and caring person, an ideal therapist in this field.”

P. Harwood. Sussex, UK.

“I have been with Julia Hancock for my treatment for the last three months. I find Julia very good at her vocation. Julia puts you at ease when being treated, and will answer any questions you ask of her, and also explain what she is doing and why. I would recommend Julia to anyone who has problems that acupuncture may help.”

Mr P. Ferguson, 65 years old. From St Leonards on Sea, Sussex, Uk.

“I was diagnosed with endometriosis seven years ago, after years of taking pain killers and operations, I went to see Julia to try a complementary path of treatment of usingĀ  acupuncture. My symptoms were PMT for two weeks before a period began, irregular cycles, heavy clotting painful periods, listlessness and irritability. After visting Julia my condition started to improve, no heavy clotting, PMT was mild, and the pain down to a minmal. Thank you for changing the way my life was and giving me the energy level returned. I still take vitamins, have no dairy products, no yeast products and keep refined sugars and caffine to as low a level as possible, my digestion has improved and so has my temperature. Thank you.”

A. Nettle. Sussex, UK.

“Julia treats with empathy, using her inner ability to tune in very quickly to the source of the problem. For me it was unique in the fact that the treatment was applied directly to the problem area. Holistically any issues were recognised as part of the process and included in the diagnosis. I am interested in keeping in contact with Julia to continue the acupuncture therapy as part of my long-term healing process.”

Jan Atkins. London, UK.

“My treatments with Julia have been a great benefit to not only the physical body but have also brought me tremendous balance emotionally.”

Scott Robinson. Canada.