Frequently asked questions

What does acupuncture and FRA feel like?

People react to acupuncture in a variety of ways; they may describe ‘dull’, ‘sharp’ or ‘tingling’ sensations. Often during FRA there is an experience of tightening in the facial area. The face can be a sensitive area, however the highest quality Japanese “pain-free” needles are used. These needles are extra fine and most people are surprised at how painless the treatment tends to be.

What about treatment length and frequency?

The initial FRA treatment is approximately two hours in length and subsequent visits are one and a half hours. Sometimes people come for FRA as a luxurious and dynamic facial, with added health benefits. It may be the perfect lift just prior to a special occasion where one wants to look and feel ones best. Others will want to undergo a course of FRA for maximum revitalasing and cosmetic purposes. A course usually involves about twelve treatments depending on the individual, their particular age, skin and cosmetic goals. In this case weekly or biweekly treatments are appropriate. Seasonal FRA treatments are recommended thereafter for maintenance and longevity of effect.

Are there contraindications to FRA?

At certain times, or whilst certain conditions are present it is inappropriate to undergo FRA. High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disorders, if the person has a pacemaker fitted, epilepsy, severe migraines and some bleeding disorders are all contraindicated to FRA. The treatment should also be avoided during pregnancy, whilst flu or common cold symptoms are present and during a herpes outbreak.

What are the possible beneficial results of a course of FRA?

  • increased radiance visible from the face and eyes
  • greater clarity, moisture and softness of the skin
  • improved muscle tone and dermal contraction (tightening of the skin)
  • increased collagen production and distribution
  • reduced double-chin
  • reduced puffiness (dispersal of accumulated fluid)
  • reduced sagging under the eyes and cheek / jowl area
  • diminished facial lines
  • reduction of stress and tension held in the face
  • promotion of a general sense of vitality and well-being
  • stronger sense of self esteem and self image
  • a safe, health-promoting and effective alternative to cosmetic surgery