Chinese medicine & acupuncture treatments

Acupuncture is a system of health care which originated in China and has since been practised for around 5,000 years. acupuncture is one of the main branches of Chinese Medicine. Chinese cosmology views the person as a dynamic system of energy connected to and influenced by his / her environment. Energy (qi) is described as an elaborate network of channels (meridians) flowing throughout the entire body.


Various energetic points, each with differing qualities are situated along these channels. These acupuncture points and channels are in specific relationship with the internal organs, the emotions and the overall homeostasis of the body. Through the insertion of fine needles at these points the healing qi of acupuncture is activated.

Acupuncture is used today to help relieve many named conditions and diagnosed diseases, but also can be used when a person is feeling “not quite right” or somehow “out of balance”. Some people like to come every so often as they feel that acupuncture works like a health MOT. Originally Chinese acupuncture was used in a preventative manner. It was common for a person to go to visit an acupuncturist with the change of the seasons to help their own energy adjust with the climate change and help them stay in balance. Acupuncture influences the energy of the body. As energy is directed back into a harmonious state, the person simultaneously feels a greater sense of physical, emotional and spiritual vitality. Via this holistic approach acupuncture can help maintain a state of health and relieve many conditions of disease.

It is quite safe to use acupuncture in conjunction with prescribed Western medicine. Sometimes during a course of acupuncture treatment disease symptoms lessen and prescribed drugs can be reduced. This would always be carried out with communication and consent from the relevant GP.


Another type of use of acupuncture is known as facial revitalisation acupuncture (FRA) or cosmetic acupuncture. This type of treatment uses acupuncture but with a particular focus on the facial area, to improve the condition of the facial tissues and overall look. Through the use of needles and other methods, a course of FRA can help the person to look their optimal best. The use of FRA is becoming a popular beauty treatment in the West. It has received media attention partly as a result of  celebrities including Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Sean Connery discovering it’s advantages!  It was however originally used in china thousands of years ago (around 960AD – 1279AD).