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Working with acupuncture since 2001, offering traditional acupuncture for health and facial acupuncture for cosmetic and beauty purposes in Brighton and Battle, Sussex, UK.

Traditional acupuncture

A complete health-care system which works to re-balance the energy circulation in your body thereby helping many conditions and improving quality of life. Acupuncture treatment can be particularly effective for:

  • headaches/migraines
  • pain (e.g. back pain, arthritic pain, strains and muscular pain)
  • energy levels/stamina
  • improved digestion
  • allergies
  • emotional difficulties (e.g. stress, grief/bereavement)
  • hormonal imbalance, PMT and infertility
  • insomnia
  • support with addiction (e.g. stopping smoking, reducing alcohol consumption)
  • urinary tract infection and candida

Often a course of acupuncture additionally results in greater relaxation and a general improved sense of wellbeing.

Facial revitalisation acupuncture (FRA)

(Previously known as facial rejuvenation, also known as cosmetic acupuncture.)

An effective beauty treatment using acupuncture and massage on the face. This treatment also combines traditional acupuncture points on the body bringing about greater vitality and health. A course of FRA often results in the following;

  • reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • increased collagen production locally hence increased elasticity and firmness of face
  • improved skin condition and softness
  • reduction of facial puffiness and dark circles under eyes
  • reduced scar tissue
  • alleviation of facial neuralgia, bell’s palsy and facial paralysis
  • relief of jaw tension and eye strain
  • increased circulation leading to greater radiance and aliveness of face and expression

Often these facial treatments also help the person to get more familiar with their own body and health, and in looking better can result in increased sense of self esteem and happiness. To learn more about the above treatments please read on!